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Joelle Atallah

Joelle Atallah
University Graphic Design Instructor and Freelancer
Design thinker
34 years old

"Love the Adventure"


About Me
Greetings, Following my graduation with a 3 years Masters in Fine Arts (MFA), a terminal degree, in Design Development from the Ohio State University (OSU) in USA with a specialization in Design thinking, research and user-centered Design, and 6 years of teaching experience between USA and Lebanon with a total of 10 years of international professional experience as an in-house designer and freelancer, I would like to present my portfolio of all my work from 2006 until present. My visual design interests are in print and web with a background in Visual Communication and Advertisement. I have10 years of successful local and international versatile work experiences in this domain and I have managed and directed most of these projects from start to finish, including final execution. Up until now, I have managed working with clients from diverse backgrounds and different fields of interest. My research interest is incorporating suitable approaches, tools, information and technology in the design process for an accurate study of the cognitive and behavioral responses of users with their environment, and a correct development of designs that are responsive to users’ needs. As for my teaching experience, I have a cumulative of 6 years teaching foundation, junior and senior courses. My first 2 years of teaching were at OSU during which time I have recurrently taught 3 different foundation classes to undergraduate students majoring in Design and other programs such as Arts, Architecture and Engineering. This passion continued with me to Lebanon where I am currently teaching at Notre Dame University (NDU), The American University of Science and Technology (AUST) and Lebanese University (LU). Being a university instructor these days is very challenging. The current education is becoming less the unique source of “information provider” and more of the “skillset developer”. I work with every student individually making sure that they are developing their own talents and skills. This, by itself, requires from my part enough courage and strong believe in my students’ abilities and a lot of trust and motivation from my students’ end to maintain their perseverance and strive to continue on molding and improving on their unique and individualistic profession. Hence, proper management of multiple projects at once is required. Furthermore my Design experiences also extend to my volunteer work as being part of the design team in the local Red Cross sector, the creator of the in-house Design team for the Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate (LGDS). I am also an occasional consultant for an international organization called Junior Chamber International (JCI) which focuses on community and self-development projects. And finally, I am an active volunteer; and part of the design team; in the Lebanese Red Cross, emerg- ency safety and rescue team. Aside from my Design career, I worked for more than a year with a virtual online company called The Lively Merchant, a template-based web design company. My role was the mediator between the client and the web developers. I would be the main contact with the client, work with them to have all the design, content information, and additional services set according to their needs and translate that to the web developers to create the website. Also, my services extended until after the website is up and running where I would train the client on a back-end dashboard that allows them to edit and update certain sections of their website. My next plan is to gain more experience in the field of usability research and keep growing and expanding as a visual and interactive Designer. I have a very outgoing personality which makes it easier for me to team-work; a good sense of organization for multi-tasking; and previous experiences in working and delivering under pressure with short deadlines. Thank you

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